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    Hi, I have been set a task to agree some daily work targets with my team of 11 assessors. They at present are rota’d to answer the phones, see customers at the counter as well as work on the whole variety of claims that we receive for HB and CTB. They do not have individual work splits and I do not envisage going down that road. We work on IWORLD and ANITE DIP flow. I at present use a team target to get through the work and have used individual work targets in the past but did have difficulties collating all the information on top of may day job of appeals, DHP’s etc. I wonder if anyone can give me some info as to what targets their staff may have and any procedures you would be willing to share. I do have ideas and will be working on this shortly and will be happy to shre my work once set up. However, in the meatime just wondering if you have had to set individual work targets as already mentioned above how you started and how much detail you go in to when collating info to feed back to your staff.

    Cheers for any response you may be able to share.


    Don’t go there Melanie!

    over the years we have tried to tie assessors down to daily targets for processing new claims and CIC – it doesnt work. Assessors are not all the same – some work really quickly and u love them in a backlog situation – some work so slowly it’s painful but try and tell them they are slow and you get all the excuses under the sun!

    What we do here is:

    Each assessor completes a daily work sheet – it’s simple stuff they just note the claim number and tick a box ‘new’ ‘cic’ ‘general’ ‘pre-assess’. we record these weekly on spreadsheets against the hours worked by each assessor/whole office etc and also maximum available hours – each month I get a spreadsheet showing all performance figs – we check 100% new claims pre notiifcation so these figures are put in as well.

    In summary i get an hourly average output rate for each assessor – those that are the lowest i will have a chat with and tell them their rate needs to increase. i’m looking for around 2 – 3 items of work per hour ( this has factored into it the weighting for new claims as opposed to general post)

    Our assessors do the counter/telephone calls/pre-assessment and assess claims.

    Team target is to clear work daily and stay top quartile and fingers crossed we are achieving this.

    Dawn Kelly
    Benefit Manager
    Rushmoor Borough Council


    Hi Dawn, long time no see. Guess it’s because we don’t have the Hants and Isle of Wight Benefits Practitioners meetings any more.

    Thanks for you reply. This seems to be the same advice I am getting from everyone I speak to.

    I have had some ideas in the meantime and will see what reaction I get.

    Hope to see you soon!

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