Data Gathering – How’s It Going?

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    I have far less than half of the bedroom information I need. Some RPs have unilaterally sent me stock lists, a few have responded to the spreadsheets I have sent them following initial contact, and I have just finished rounding up the stragglers who I haven't heard from at all by sending them spreadsheets to complete. I'm really struggling with identifying supported accommodation and have gone for a blanket approach – if there's a warden, or a care package, they're supported. Sometimes the type of RP gives you a clue – they provide specialist accommodation. I'm not panicking YET but there's a hell of a lot to do before HB year end in March.

    How is it for you?



    We have started our data gatherning and have had regular meetings with our largest RSL who has been co-operative. They have agreed to fill out our spreadsheets etc. We have a few smaller RSLs who are champing at the bit to get going. So far all is sweetness and light. Have to say that we have started later than most because we have received our software later than would have liked and so the knock on has meant later testing. This will all change as we move into issues over who is actually in the property, dates of birth, gender etc etc etc.

    My biggest headache is that our RSLs have started to issue literature to their tenants explaining the reductions and some of the examples given are decidedly ifffy. I would like to have given it the once over before issue. Also, they needed to have highlighted the fact that it impacts on working age and not those of pension credit age – my very rough example. I had asked for a more co-ordinated approach in sending out literature but unfortunately this has resulted in a significant number of enquiries which at the moment were not necessary. But hey ho not even the Govenment is into a co-ordinated approach.

    Have I missed anything but has the Minister signed the regulations off? Are there any problems with getting the regs signed off?


    Interesting. The NAO report states

    despite the letters sent out by the DWP to those who are expected to be affected by the benefit cap (to be introduced in April 2013), 87 per cent of claimants surveyed between September 2011 and November 2011 knew not very much or nothing at all about the changes that will affect them

    I would suspect that those in social housing have no idea about this yet. Plus these same claimants will have more to pay in Council Tax.

    On the regs…no. We dont know…there are lots of “holes” it seems and DWP are looking into them. Joint-tenants is a major issue…see threads on that area.

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