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    nick dearnley

    I have a dispute to deal with where the clmt has several bank accounts; at some points the assessment is over £16k and at others there are cahnges to the tariff income amounts.  The capital amounts have been updated from different dates for each account, so I am finding it difficult to check and more importantly explain how the capital total has been arrived at.  It appears that the guidance given to assessors was to use the figure at the end of each statement period for each account; while this may work OK for single accounts, this clmt had six at initial claim and 12 on and off more recently, resuling in dozens of capital assessments.

    I've always thought that the object was to value the total capital at the date of claim, and then to reassess where the total value meant either a change to the tariff income or that the upper limit was exceeded.

    Could I ask how others appraoch this?



    Normally I would look at changing capital amounts when the tariff income changes. However on some recent assessments where money has been moved between accounts and balances vary on a daily basis, I have taken the balances of all accounts at the first of the month, or if that shows little difference each month just amended it quaterly. Taking the balance of all accounts on the same date means that if money is being moved around it will show somewhere.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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