date of change for pension credit case

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    we have a new claim:
    three ETD received showing changes in savings credit.
    the second change is effective from 31/03/2008. Claimant became 80 on 27/03/2008 . ETD shows that from 31/03/2008 her AIF increases and savings credit reduces. overall it would lead to a reduction in HB . The claim is not yet been assessed.
    Should the change in pension credit from 31/03/2008 be used from 31/03/2008 or would it only be effective from 07/04/2008, (in which casde we would not use this change at all because there is a further change due to uprating.
    There is no delay in informing DWP in this case . i just need to clarify if the change is effective from 31/03/2008 or the Monday following?


    I would say that HB(SPC) 60(3)(b) applied so the effective date would be the Monday following change or notification, whichever is later.

    Not sure why it takes two pages of legislation to say ‘Don’t overpay old people, unless it’s their fault’!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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