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    Claire Moses

    Can anyone please confirm – customer provides a wage slip dated 02.09.10 for August 2010.

    Customer had a reduction in her hours during August (beginning), can you please advise what date of change you would use?

    We have used the Monday following the date on the wage slip = date of change is 30.08.10 – can anyone please clarify for me?


    I wouldn’t worry about late notification – she couldn’t have provided the payslip much sooner then she actually did.

    The effective date is the Monday after the date of the change in circumstances. If her hours reduced on 01/08/10 I would treat that as effective from 02/08/10. You might need to ask exactly when the reduction in her working hours started.


    I agree with Michael. Your question raises an important point: you need to distinguish between a clear change of circumstance affecting the claimant’s earnings on the one hand, and an updated estimate of future earnings on the other. Here, it appears to be possible to identify a date from which the claimant began to earn less and that is a clear of circumstance from the beginning of August. In other cases, earnings might not change in such a clear-cut way but the average over the two most recent months might be a bit lower/higher than last time you checked – in a case like that, you would run with a new estimate of future earnings from the week when you actually make the estimate rather than going back to the beginning of the period covered by the recent evidence.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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