date received ltr Vs date money in bank

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    Quick question here.

    On checking a claim we have added WTC from May 07 as payments started in May and were on bank statement.

    Clmt states she didn’t receive her award letter until the August.

    So, if the money was in payment then are we correct to add it from that date. Telephone check with IR states that there was a problem with their letters being issued on time, but that payments were being made from May


    There is nothing specific in the calculation of weekly tax credit amounts (HB reg 32 etc) that refers to notifications. It must have applied at some point in the past because some staff here maintain that the date of the letter is significant. I half recall guidance that went with the old way of working out a weekly amount using notification dates.

    It may be that there is some wider principle that money received cannot be income until the recipient is notified but I am not aware of it. We would routinely go back to before the notification where instalments are four weekly anyway.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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