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    An owner of an HMO has applied for a refund of £6 500 through the DD idemnity scheme, this is all his payments since 2003! Reason quoted – amount disputed!
    I have spoken to him and he says that it has never been an HMO but he has not queried this with us or the VT.
    Basically he istrying to dispute his liability via the DD scheme!
    Has anyone ever refused to refund money via DD?
    Any advice on where to go with this one??!!


    Under the rules of the Direct Debit Scheme, should any money be taken in error, then the customer’s bank or building society must, on request, make an immediate refund to the customer’s account.

    I can’t see that an error has been made in this case as I presume that you have issued bills to him over the last few years giving him the instalments which will be taken from his bank account? And as long as you’ve taken the same amount as quoted on the bill then I don’t see that there is an error. Why has it taken him all this time to get in touch with you and not dispute this earlier? Why did he set up a DD on an account which he didn’t agree with?

    I would have thought that he would have to put an appeal in against the classification of the property rather than claiming the money back through the indemnity scheme.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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