Dealing with overpaid Child Tax Credit

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    I thought I understood Child/Working Tax Credit until we recently received a couple of notifications showing Child & or Working Tax Credit had been overpaid and no further payments will be made.

    I have read the guide but don’t seem to be able to find the guidance of how we deal with overpayments, ie. do we amend the weekly figure, when do we amend the weekly figure from, what info do we use?

    Also on a different area, amendment 9 states that when dealing with arrears paid, ‘If the first payment differs considerably from the rest of the instalments it will be payment in arrears’. Has anybody had notification were ‘differs considerably’ could be a questionable term. What anyboby else opinion on this?



    We had a case recently where the award of tax credit was made, paid, then revised. Although there was still an award for the year, no further payments would be made, as the claimant has already been paid full entitlement for the year, and there is an overpayment.

    The answer I received for dealing with this is ‘if the award is nil, then there is nothing to take into account from the Monday following the date of the last instalment. Although tax credit is an annual award the assessment of HB/CTB is based on the weekly income received at the time of the assessment. The overpayment of TC will be adjusted in some way over the next year, so the overpaid amount is ignored’.

    Hope this helps in part of your query!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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