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    Trevor Kenward

    I have asked as part of an Information Audit trawl to look at the data set sent to us by the Register Office which lists all deaths registered weekly in
    Authority’s area.

    Currently the data is scanned in to CT, HB and HB overpayment accounts for account admin purposes.

    There is a definite entitlement for CT to have access to this data, but there are some current doubts regarding the legitimacy of it being used elsewhere.

    Does anyone know anywhere which covers this data being used so I can advise Audit.

    Many thanks


    I’ve just had a grope around the directgov website (well it is early still!). I found this quote in relation to the creating of an online database of the register of births, deaths and marriages.

    [i:2c6d5f92fc]“Concerns with regards to privacy over the outsourced project have been largely dismissed by the ONS, with them stating that these are ‘Public documents that are already in the public domain”.[/i:2c6d5f92fc]

    The registration of a birth or death is a public declaration and the register itself is a public document, just like the Council Tax register or the Electoral Roll. After all, that’s how it worked in “The Day of The Jackal”! And that “Who Do You Think You Are” show would be really short…

    Trevor Kenward

    Cheers Darren

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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