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    Is anyone using this report regularly to monitor their OPs?

    We have run it off with various combinations of parameters but the figures don’t seem to add up. The guidance in the notes is minimal so to be honest we are stuck.

    A simple query we want to answer for example is how much debt is being recovered from ongoing entitlement.

    Running the report with the recovery method set as ENT tells us we have recovered £162,000 more OPs by this method than we have created. Does that mean that …
    …its reporting on OPs created in the financial year but the recovered amount is for all OPs coded ENT regardless of when they were set up ?
    … is it only looking at OPs that are coded ENT or OPs which are recovered from ongoing entitlement by default.

    Has anyone got a better set of notes than we have (the March 2011 OP Management Info User Guide from Northgate). If you are pretty expert with the OP reports would you be prepared for us to come and visit you to pick your brains ?


    chris harvey

    The major problem I find with the OVR310 report, is that it uses gross figures. For example if you cancel a claim back and re-open it straight away, there is no real overpayment but the OVR310 will have it as raised and recovered from ENT. The OVR310 is good for overpayments outstanding but is pretty useless for raised and recovered.
    There is a Business Objects Debt Analysis report that generates both gross and net values. The gross version mirrors the OVR310 but the net version can be useful. I am no Business Objects expert and have struggled a bit with the filtering you can do in Business Objects but the basic data on overpayments raised and recovered in the net figures look pretty accurate. Having said that the values the net version has for outstanding overpayments is very inaccurate.
    So I tend to use the OVR310 to get a fix on outstanding overpayment values and the net version of the Business Objects Debt Analysis report to get a fix on overpayments raised and recovered.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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