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    Schedule 9 HBR lays down what matters have to be include with a decision notice together with some input from reg. 10 DAR.

    Currently we include all the relevant matters on 1 letter with the rights & duties on the reverse of each page of the letter. We want to include more information regarding rights & duties and the information is already crammed in.

    As such, we are considering putting the rights & duties in a separate leaflet to go out with the letter. Does anyone know of any legislation or good practice guide that means a decision notice cannot be made up of more than one document? Any views would be appreciated.


    I’m pretty certain you can remedy a defect on a decision notice by sending another notice which need not contain all the information held on the original notice.

    The relationship between the documents would have to be explicitly stated and ( I think ) they would have to be sent on or around the same date so sending it with the letter should not be a problem


    We do exactly that as the letters produced by the system are rubbish. SX3 👿

    We have a double sided A4 insert with details of changes to be reported on 1 side and dispute/appeal rights on the other.

    Each page has a cut off section on the bottom which can be filled in and used to report a change of circs or dispute the decision.

    We also send this to all LL’s as well.

    We originally had 2 pages, 1 for COC and 1 for appeal rights but was scrapped due to cost. I personally prefered it as it was much more customer friendly.

    If you PM me I will send you a copy of it/both 😀



    I seem to remember discussions about decision notices in the case R v Thanet DC, ex P Warren Court Hotels that you may find of use.

    I’ve done appeals for several LA’s where they’ve adopted the practice you’re thinking of (I know Wigan definately does) and it never caused any problems at tribunals etc.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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