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    Please can someone advise the correct procedure for updating earnings. The claimant received net earnings of £1102.04 on the 28.11.08. He went sick on the 01.12.08 and his income was reduced to £236.71 (SSP) on the 23.12.08. I have reduced the income from 23.12.08 and will increase when he returns to work and receives his normal pay from date of payslip. His wife has been in and feels it is unfair as he went on the sick on 01.12.08, she feels that his income should be reduced from this date. I have had no doctors note so do not know what is wrong with him or how long he is likely to be off work. Doing it my way will ensure that higher benefit is paid when needed most, up until the time he receives his normal income, but is this right.

    Please help..


    Hi, think this should have been posted in the main message boards, however at our Authority we always use income for the period they cover, so in essence the claimants partner is correct, I personally would assess back to the beginning of December and use the income the claimant received for the period it covered.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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