Deductions from state benefits for CSA payments

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    I have a revision for a customer that states they feel we should use the net amount of incapacity benefit, after deductions for a CSA payment, for the assessment of HB/CTB.

    The Shelter Guide 2005-06 (page 218) concurs with this opinion.

    However, the regulations are not so clear. HB REGULATION 40 (2) (WAS 33) directs me to schedule 5 (was 4) for the diregards. There is no mention for CSA payments.

    Which is correct? Please let me know where you found the information.


    Kevin D

    HB/CTB regs state that the GROSS amount must be taken (apart from reductions due to overlapping state benefits and/or any allowable disregards). My view is that the payment towards CSA is no different to direct payments being made from IB to any other bill.


    Andy Thurman

    One for “Father’s for Justice” perhaps 😉 , but I agree with Kevin – para 5 of HBR 40.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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