Defective Claims

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    Sorry posted this in the wrong board!

    We have found out that we have been doing this all wrong as we have been making claims defective in the front screen for reasons like Information not provided.

    As we did not used Stats_Nil Qualifier from release 480, we also missed it when it changed last year!

    I am now working my way through our outstanding cases and making any that are over 30 days defective but have come across a slight problem.

    My (recently attained) understanding is that a claim form is received and if all the information is not provided that is required to assess it, it is classed as defective and information is then requested.

    If the information is not provided in the time limit given, the claim should be made defective and to do this properly for 124 purposes, we should input Stats_Nil Qual. We then calculate the claim and rely on the report which cancels claims with zero entitlement to clear these off the system.

    Firstly, have I now got the procedure right?
    Secondly, what happens if the claimant does not provide rent details for example? When trying to calculate a private rent claim as a Stats NQ, my system is giving me an error message saying that there is no rent.

    Am I mistaken in some way? What do the rest of you who have been doing it right do?

    Any assistance you could give lil old confused me, would me most welcome!

    Thank you in advance!

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