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    Is it me or is there a problem with the definition of rent?

    In both DS and PR it is

    “eligible rent” to which regulation 12 of the Housing Benefit (Persons who have acquired the qualifying age for state pension credit) Regulations 2006(a) refer, less any deductions in respect of non-dependants which fall to be made under paragraph 8 of Schedule 1 (non-dependant deductions);"

    This seems to suggest that you take the NDD applicable under the local scheme and deduct it from the eligible rent.

    So, 3 questions:

    1)  Have I misunderstood?

    2)  If not was this seriously the intent?

    3)  Can a NDD fall to be made for these purposes or does it mean no deduction can be applied?

    Either we are misunderstanding it at this end and I do hope that this is the case or DCLG have erred…, honest, I am seriously putting that forward as a possibility!!!!! which does rather beg the question what other little gems do they have in store for us??


    It would have been easier not to make that mistake than to make it! All they had to do was carry over the definition direct from CTB as it stands.

    Having said that, I doubt that anyone ever bothers to apply those obscure notional income/capital rules in CTB to begin with and that will continue in CTR


    Erm……I picked it up walking through a ‘live’ CTB case!!!!!!!!!

    Added: My guess is that someone has done just what you suggested and another someone just blindly done a search and replace. If so, how many more examples are there?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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