Delayed referrals and Housing Benefit Equivalent decisions

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    I hope someone can help with this. We have quite a few PT claims from 05/06 that we did not refer to the Rent Officer until after the cut off point of 31/05/06. We had them returned to us by the Rent Office, and were asked to resubmit them as ‘delayed referrals’. The RO then issued a Housing Benefit Equivalent decision for them. Basically a valuation that cannot be used for HB purposes in order to claim subsidy, but to set a maximum rent level. (I think)

    We have to pay these claims, but we cannot claim subsidy on them. Our software provider has no idea how we should assess them on our system, and is contacting the DWP for guidance, and has advised us to do the same.

    Who would I contact at the DWP? And has anyone else here had experience of this?

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