Delays in tribunal decisions

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    Is anyone else experiencing difficulties in getting tribunal decisions?

    We have one chair who, no matter the case, is always refusing to give an answer on the day and telling us that it could be up to two weeks to get the decision to us.

    The problem is that to complain about a chair is not going to go down well, but this seems to be a complete liberty that this chair is taking. The case has waited an age to be heard and then a further two weeks before we get the decison? How can this still be fresh in the chairmans mind after all this time?

    The legislation doesnt seem to give any time limits, but I wondered if I am the only one with this problem, as it does seem to be a particular chair. 😕


    The only time I haven’t been given a decision on the day was when we were the last hearing of the day and TAS had seriously over run. We received the decision 2 days later.


    We had a hearing last week, probably at the same place, and like you the Chair declined to make a decison on the day, a Friday, but we did get it the middle of this week.

    Longest I have had to wait is just under 3 months from date of hearing until I eventually got the decision!


    5 months is my record. I made a formal complaint about it to both the District Chair and the President and also asked Legal to start judicial review proceedings.

    It is not unreasonable for a Chair to reserve their decision for a few days though. They might want to seek other authorities on the matter in dispute.


    10 days and still waiting …….

    thanks for the comments folks, it does seem to be us. Maybe we just have “really complex cases” !!!!!!!

    My longest wait was the one that is currently at commissioners, which incidentally has now been delayed further. We were due to be heard this week but commissioner has had to rejig his diary and it will now be November or December – no date advised yet!!

    patience is a virtue………………


    I once had to wait 15 months for a full statement of reasons 😯


    The decision was doubtless fresh in the Chair’s mind when they got round to it…


    Received the decison today – in our favour. 😀

    Dated five days after the hearing – received by us 15 days after the hearing!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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