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    We’ve received a birth certificate for a dependant which was born on the 26th December 2009. According to the birth certificate the child wasn’t registered until the 4th February 2010, they then supplied the birth certificate to us on the 4th Febrruary 2010. Adding the dependant on will increase their LHA rate. As they haven’t notified us within one month of the change do we add the dependant on from the Monday following we received the information or is there anywhere in the regs where it states of the situation for us to go back? – We’ve had a look in the book but cant seem to find anything?



    So they are 8 days late notifying you? I think taking into account the birth of the child, time in hospital, office closures over New Years and travel disruption due to the snow I would be tempted to go back – regs 8 & 9 of the HB/CTB (D&A) regs.


    I’m with Michael but would also suggest that you get a different book.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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