Detox and payment on two homes

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    There’s a new detox clinic opening up in the area and the premise of it is that it has 2 assessment beds and 3 detox beds for drinkers who are referred to them, either off the streets or through other initiatives.

    Some of these drinkers may be rough sleepers but others may already be living in hostel accommodation elsewhere.

    The hostel will be assessing them for 1-2 days before deciding whether or not to put them in the detox programme and are asking whether we would be able to pay benefit on 2 homes for the patients who already live in hostels.

    They argue that, whilst they are being assessed, they are receiving medically approved care but were quite vague as to what this care was and I was wondering what the policy of other LAs who have similar schemes operating in their area do?


    Kevin D

    Based on the info given, HB will not be payable on two homes.

    The issue medical care is, in itself, irrelevant.

    “Policy” is also irrelevant – it is the legislation that counts.

    The ONLY way that HB can be paid on two homes is if any of the provisions of HBR [b:3292029830]7(6)[/b:3292029830] are satisfied.



    Is two homes or temporary absence they are talking about? The issue of medically approved care may be relevant to the latter.

    I agree that there is no basis for paying benefit on two homes but there may be for paying benefit for the normal home while the claimant is absent from it.


    Data-matching has shown that my LA is paying a claimant (using the temporary absence rules) whilst he is in another part of the country on rehab.

    He is also receiving HB from the other LA, for rent charged by the rehab landlord.

    I have contacted the other LA and told them that the person’s home is in our area but they seem to be happy to continue paying.

    Any suggestions?


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