DHP and non-eviction

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    Our authority are considering amending their policy around eviction so that they wuill not evict due to arrears caused by the Bedroom Tax.

    Are there any authorities that have already taken this approach and how are you considering DHP awards for these cases? Are you turning them down as there is no threat to the tenancy?


    Many Scottish authorities are adopting a non-eviction policy that actually retains eviction if the tenant affected by the bedroom tax refuses to engage or agree a repayment arrangement. So, check the small print of any policy.

    A bit of a mixed message going to affected tenants here. Politicians are anxious to be seen to be against eviction and the bed tax, even if in practice they are retaining the eviction power, because if they don’t no one would pay the charge and they need the rent money to pay for services and staff.

    I would think DHP should still apply even where an authority has genuinely ruled out eviction altogether. The debt still accrues to the tenant, the liability is still theirs.

    If down the line though, landlords start writing off large tranches of bed tax as uncollectable, it would bring the question of the whole purpose of DHP into focus

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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