DHP Band E restriction

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    I have an applicaiton for a Council Tax DHP where full benefit is being paid up to the level of a band E property restriction.

    I can’t find anywhere that says I can’t pay the bit between the band E and band G – but would appreciate any comments from everyone else?

    martin walmsley

    I looked into this type of situation a little while ago, when my authority received a request for a DHP regarding this circumstance. The result of my investigation was that there is nothing that precludes the LA from paying a DHP on CTB up to Band H (inclusive), where it is being paid on a Band E restriction.



    I agree, we have paid dhp in a couple of cases where the banding has been restricted. We have had to pay manually because of software restrictions.


    Proof that you can pay a DHP up to the maximum weekly c/tax liability can be found in SI2001/1167 Reg 4(b).


    We invited ALL of our customers to apply for such a payment. Suprisingly, not all did. But I do think this is very reasonable – some of the properties in Band F plus are quite dreadful social housing.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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