DHP disregarded for 52 weeks?

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    Please help, it’s late and I shouldn’t have looked at HB direct 40 at this time of night.

    I came across the following statement on of the budget changes to get rid of anomalies and wondered what I have missed or forgot.

    “align the rules between working-age and pensioner claimants to ensure that payments of Discretionary Housing Payments are disregarded for 52 weeks”

    Brain is rotting with age and booze
    Helpppppp with an explanation


    I had the same thought as you and hoped your posting would provide a reply – guess the answer is that no-one knows.


    I can’t even find where GB was supposed to have said it in his budget let alone figure out what it means!

    Has there been an LA somewhere who has been counting a DHP as income and reducing benefit because of it? If they did, then did they get an application for more DHP?



    Just had a thought and may have answered my own question but as I’m going to sunnier (hopefully) climes for a few days, haven’t got time to look it up.

    Are they talking about a lump sum paid in arrears but did not quite express it clearly?

    If that is the case heaven knows what the regs will turm out like

    chris harvey

    Yes arrears of DHP’s are listed in schedule 5 to the working age regs as capital and disregarded for 52 weeks but not in the Schedule 5ZA which is the equivalent schedule for pensioners. The changes remove this anomaly.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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