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    I am sure this has been covered elsewhere but I cant find it.

    We seem to be getting more and more claims from people who live in private accomodation and require a bedroom over and above the number of bedrooms allowed for HB purposes.

    The main scenario are those with medical / mental needs that mean they need a carer staying overnight.

    The carer is often provided for by Social Services either directly or via a third party. I would have thought the costs associated with the carer and not met by HB would have included the cost of the additional bedroom, or am I just too sensible.

    If not how would the additional housing cost be met? DHP is a piddley amount of money and, in my opinion, not meant to cover this kind of scenario.

    Your thoughts/experience/words of wisdom would be much appreciated.

    Many Thanks.


    It may be a small amount of money – but few authorities spend up to the Government contribution, never mind any where near the permitted total.


    You can use DHP to cover these situations if you want – essentially it’s your call. 8)

    P.S. we would consider a DHP in the circumstances you set out. Whether it would be granted is a different matter!


    We regularly consider awards in similar situations, I did however draw the line recently where an single applicant insisted that she needed 3 bedrooms, one for her, one for a carer who stayed a maximum of 2 nights per week and the third so that she could move in there if she soiled her sheets in the night!


    Aren’t DHP’s designed for [b:540648d8ee]precisely[/b:540648d8ee] this kind of scenario?


    Thanks for all the replies.

    Seanosul – Fife spends MORE than our DWP grant. 😯

    Andyrichards – if it is, the funds from CGov’t comes no where near the costs of supporting all claimants who need an additional bedroom above that allowed by the Rent Officer.

    I asked “Adelphi” who said –

    “……If, as is evidenced from the above, a care worker is not a person who occupies the dwelling, then the cost of an extra room for that worker(s) can not be eligible for HB. As you have argued, it could be that the cost of the extra room is a support or care cost. However, this does not automatically mean that the cost should be met from Supporting People funding or social services as that is their decision.

    As you have said any shortfall in a person’s ability to pay their rent in this way can be met by a DHP. However, as you imply, it was never the intention that everyone with such a need should have help given through a DHP. Inevitably many will receive no help at all and will have to meet the cost either from their own funds or alternative funding.”

    A good answer, but not much help. I haven’t had a response yet from our Supporting People team.

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