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    Im hoping this will be a quick one!!

    If we cancel a dhp on Northgate SX3 and for example sx3 shows overpayment £100 on the dhp page are we supposed to then go into the dhp line and remove the £100 and replace with 0.00 so the £100 goes back into the DHP fund?

    We do create a manual Overpayment with the reason DHP fund so we can recover the DHP overpayment by invoice.

    I always thought by cancelling a DHP that the “overpayment” will automatically go back into the DHP pot. I thought that the system automatically reaallocates the monies back or are we supposed to manually overtype the overpayment with 0.00?????

    Any help/info would be appreciated


    As far as i know, Northgate doesn’t handle allocating the monies back into the “pot”. This has to be adminstered manually

    Marie Crawford

    When I create a DHP overpayment I leave the amount O/S as it is. I then generate an invoice to recover the OP through our debtors system. I have to check that manually every so often and if they have made a payment, I have to amend the O/S DHP O/P figure accordingly, this then reinflates the DHP fund by that amount.
    Hope this makes sense!


    Thanks for all your help.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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