DHP overpayments

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    I shall post the question here first.

    We have paid a DHP for a limited period because the customer did not get the maximum HB.

    She has appealed to Commissioners regading the award of HB.

    In the event she is successful and her HB increases to the maximum can we recover the DHP paid out agaianst the arrears of HB.
    She would not be entitled to a DHP as she is receiving maximum HB


    Here we do recover dhp overs from underpayments – it’s currently the only recovery of dhp overs that we do. I don’t know if we are correct in doing this but we couldn’t find anything to say we couldn’t! ❓


    As far as I can see the regs only say that you cant recover DHP’s from ongoing benefit entitlement. As the arrears arent ongoing benefit I think you could offset the overpaid DHP against the arrears


    I deal with the DHP’s for our authority and we do not recover overpayments from HB in any way, whether that be from ongoing entitlement or underpayments.

    DHP’s are not an award of benefit (don’t even have to be adminstered by a benefit section) and as far as I can see there is no way you can recover an overpayment of DHP from an underpayment of HB.

    Just my opinion of course


    Unless the customer agrees to recovery fromn HB of course.


    We would probably write it off. However if I’d been aware of the appeal prior to the award of DHP I’d have held off making an award untill the result was known.


    The Commissioner has decided that the customr is entitled to the housing benefit.

    He also considered whether there should be an offset between the DHP payment and any arrears arising from his decision. Although strictly it was not a matter before him he decided that he had not been able to to find any relevent offset provisions

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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