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    I have had an application for a DHP payment to meet ongoing net rent payments from a tenant on IS who would be entitled to full HB but for a non-dependant deduction.I have steadfastly refused such requests in the past and have done so again in this case but am coming under pressure from a welfare rights officer who apparently knows other councils which make such DHP awards.Have examined the merits of each case in the past and again this time but am not satisfied with a simple assertion that ‘wee Johnny won’t pay me any contribution to the rent but I don’t want to put him out as he is my son and I need him around’
    What do other councils do? Any shared experiences of this or advice would be welcome


    We award these quite often.

    I personally think that the non-dep deductions are quite high and I can quite understand that a non-dep may struggle to make the assessed contribution towards the Rent and Council Tax (plus food and other bills), especially if they have other debts / expenses etc.

    You could ask [b:be51f0ca81]why[/b:be51f0ca81] the non-dep doesn’t make the assessed contribution, perhaps ask for evidence of any expenses / debts they may have. Having said that, I’ve awarded DHPs in the past where the claimant has stated that their non-dep physically attacks them if they ask them to make any more than a minimal contribution.


    Really, as long as all the requirements are in place I.E they get HB or CTB for the relevent period etc, there are only two questions you need to ask

    1) Does it appear to you that the claimant requires further financial assistance in relation to their Housing Costs?

    2) If “yes” how much DHP (if any) do you think they should get?

    Assuming you have decided they do require financial assistance then how you decide the amount of DHP is pretty much up to you.

    If I were looking at your case I would be asking if it is reasonable for the claimant to adopt the attitude they have. (I.E not requiring the non-dep to pay them a contribution). If not I would also be looking at things such as the effect of the claimant kicking the non-dep out. Yes, there may not be a non-dep deduction but would the LHA amount reduce? (Or the RO decision reduce) leaving the claimant no better off?


    Well as there is nothing in legislation to preclude making DHP payments to cover NDD’s it doesn’t surprise me that some LA’s have. But it all depends on the circs of each case, surely.


    Is the non-dep working? On JSA? Living off thin air? If he was not working but not claiming JSA I would probably refuse the DHP, however it all dependson the circumstances of the case.


    When looking at the DHP I consider the ability of the household as a whole to meet the liability. This means including the non-dep income and expenses in the calculation.

    When I write and ask for this information quite often they don’t reply so the application is eventually treated as withdrawn.

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