dhp’s on rent arrears which are inellgible services ,

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    I hope i can put this in a way that makes sense !

    I have a DHP request from a tenant .

    He was previously on JSA and got full benefit but had to pay his ineligible service charge himself. He appears not to have paid this charge and run up rent arrears.

    He found work but has now put in a DHP as he has a shortfall in rent (including both eligible rent and ineligible costs ) and has rent arrears.

    Financially ,it would appear he can now pay all his outgoings but not have any money spare to reduce his rent arrears.

    In essence I would be helping to reduce his rent arrears, (But said rent arrears are in essence his previously unpaid ineligible service charge)

    I am correct in thinking.…..

    • The ongoing eligible rent shortfall provides me with a way to pay a DHP [u:4375b8edd8]from now[/u:4375b8edd8], as I could pay a DHP up to the maximum eligible rent.

    • Although, in essence I am actually helping to paying off his arrears of ineligible service charge, I could still pay the DHP as above.

    Or… can I not do the above
    Or… do I have to find out what part of his rent arrears are ineligible costs ?

    oh yeah…. and the L/L’s will serve notice if i dont pay !


    Based on what you have said I think it’s fine to award the DHP (on grounds of hardship).

    If the DHP is awarded the claimant can then divert the amount they would have paid to cover the shortfall towards reducing the arrears.

    In other words the DHP isn’t used for meeting any ineligible charges; while in payment it enables the claimant to meet the arrears themselves.

    If you do decide to award a DHP it is probably wise to advise the claimant to make arrangements (come to an agreement) with their landlord to reduce the arrears.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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