Did you see this in yesterdays papers

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    Interesting story in yesterdays papers!!

    “Tax dads stick up

    A furious dad super-glued his hand to a tax office desk in a row with the Inland Revenue.

    Mike Maddison refused to budge until they paid the £400 he was owed in family tax credits.

    His demo came unstuck when police were called – but not before he had been handed a cheque for six weeks back money.

    Factory worker Mike, 36, stormed the office in Bridgewater, Somerset, after 200 phone calls.

    He said “I’m just a hardworking man hammered into a corner. Sticking my hand to a table is not the sort of thing I do for a hobby.”

    Father of two Mike said his family rely on the £60 a week tax credit.”

    Its amazing the lengths people have to go to to get their entitlements paid out – or is it??


    There have apparently been spontaneous walkouts of IR staff all over the country in protest at the problems they are having to deal with. Token protests so far but their union is talking about a strike ballot.

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