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    We have a saving credit case where the AIF has been provided and is the same as the previous assessemt. Great.

    My question is that the Saving Credit £1.15 has been awarded to 2009.

    Clearly as pensions are uprated, occupational pensions are uprated etc in April the AIF’s start to go out of sync.

    Do we use our own AIF’s and report to the Pensions Service that the pensions have gone up and ask them to amend or

    Do we continue to use the Pension Service AIF (till 2009) and report the changes to them to amend the AIF ?.


    Neither! You just keep using the AIF until the Pension Service give you a new one. There is no need to report anything to The Pension Service (except maybe disrepancies under whatever local agreement you may have). As I understand it The Pension Service will be making changes to the AIF and reporting them according to known increases in income. For example, they are contacting Occ pen providers to ask when pensions increase and by how much. They are then estimating increases at the appropriate times. I assume this will generate new AIF’s that we use when we get them.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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