Different payment dates for Child and Working Tax Credit

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    Laura Moore

    Has anyone else seen I.R. notification letters where Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit are paid from different dates? I have one where WTC is paid from 10/4/03, but CTC from 1/5/03. In this case, the letter is dated 26/3/03, so as this is before the tax credits went live on 7/4/03, I presume that both awards should be included from 7/4/03 on the HB claim. But if the person had been advised after 7/4/03, would we have to include the CTC and WTC on the HB claim, from different dates according to the dates of actual payment? It seems likely that there could be a lot of cases like this.

    martin walmsley

    If we are satisfied the customer did receive their letter late, then any HB/CTB o/p’s could be classified as Departmental Error providing the customer supplied the letter to the LA immediately on receipt, and the LA processed the letter straight away.

    In the case you have given, the date WTC would be input from 7/4/03 – and CTC would depend on whether it is a weekly or 4-weekly case.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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