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    Julian Hobson

    Anyone got any fantastic ideas about how we get info from the new desk top rats to DIP systems ? I’m not a techie and I don’t know anything about DIP or the new RATs (is this an advantage ?) I’d prefer not to notebook what we have seen on the RATS screens but am told that will be acceptable to auditors.


    Get the assessors to press “Ctrl” and “P” on their keyboards. This saves a screen print which can then be pasted into a word document.

    Hope this helps.

    Kevin D

    Print options…

    The “Print Screen” button will normally take a copy of the whole desktop – this can then be pasted onto a word (or wordpad) doc to be printed.

    If you want to copy/paste only the “RAT” window, make sure that the RAT window is the “live” window then, “alt + Print Screen” should normally copy only that window – then paste as normal.

    One further option…. If the RAT window lets you highlight the whole of the text, you may be able to copy / paste in that way. If this works, you may then run into formatting probs with the copy – that may be counteracted by setting the font on the word/wordpad doc to “courier” and maybe reducing the font size to avoid wrapping lines.

    Edit: If mouse “right-click” commands won’t work, try these (sometimes a combination of mouse / keyboard commands does the trick):

    “ctrl + c” = copy
    “ctrl + v” = paste
    “ctrl + x” = cut

    Hope the above helps.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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