Disabled element of Tax Credit

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    After speaking to the Tax Credit office I have been told that the specific claimant to which my query relates receives the disabled element on the basis that he “ticked the right boxes”. The IR has not verified the information and the claimant does not receive DLA or any other similar income.

    Would anyone award the disabled premium on this basis? I appreciate that the law suggests we should, but VF and our auditors would suggest otherwise.


    I’d be cautious about this one. We recently unearthed a case where a customer was working full time and had been for some time. However he qualified for the disability element based on benefits he received in the past.

    * Awarded DLA
    * Entered full time work and voluntarily withdrew claim for DLA
    * Following the termination of their DLA they were awarded Disabled Person’s Tax Credit due to receipt of DLA within the previous 6 months
    * At start of Working Tax Credit scheme they were awarded Disability Element because they had previously received DPTC

    Currently getting disability element despite not having claimed a benefit for disability for nearly 2 years. All perfectly legal and covered by regs.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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