Disregard capital of the claimant’s marital home

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    A husband and wife jointly own the marital home, the husband is mentally ill and social services have no residential care home for him to go to. Social services have said that they will award him income support on his own, he is getting DLA C, and have suggested that as he needs to get away from his children, that he privately rents a property and housing benefit will pay. The property he jointly owns with his wife is worth £300,00.

    The husband that wants to claim HB is 64 and his wife in the marital home is 55.

    Can he claim HB & CTB for a rented property, is the marital home classed as a relatives property, or does the capital for HB & CTB exceed £16,000.

    Any help would be appreciated


    Sorry but social [u:b1c8a90fc3]services[/u:b1c8a90fc3] will award him i/s? It’s not up to them …


    Can I just point out that in light of MartinW’s comment, and that of David in the parallel thread, I am not the front-runner for Pedant of the Year 2007.

    Kevin D

    Same thread:


    Pedants or not, Martin and David are both correct…… 🙂 .

    Doh! Does this post mean I’m a pedant too?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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