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    We ahve just received a claim for someone who has a regular full time job but also is a community worker. she receives an income from her community working from social services. she provides asistance to young people in life skills, cooking , financial teaching, life coaching etc. the young people stay innher property few weeks/days at a time depending on help needed.

    my only question is regards the income received for this service. seems everything i read points to this being disregarded income as -its from social services and is for ‘community working’ -care and support etc.

    how would others see this income ????

    this income is shown as supported lodging provider and given to claimant at a rate of 137.83 per week

    Julian Hobson

    I think the only way to properly resolve this is to find out from social services what the payment is made up of (how do they calculate it) on what basis is it paid (is it an allowance or a wage, is there any tax/NI and under what provision is it made, LA’s can’t just pay allowances to anyone they like for anything, there has to be some provision somewhere).

    Armed with that I think you can make a proper decision

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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