Do we need to keep the information from the new rat

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    We have just gone live with the new RAT. I take the view that we should keep a record of the data obtained as we did with the old RAT. We used to print from the RAT and then scan to our DIP system. This was always a bit cumbersome but as the RAT was stand alone we had no option.

    As we use a DIP system I do not want to print and then scan the web page so have set up a word template to “copy and paste” the information, which is then indexed and stored. The problem with this is that the “pasted” data often doesn’t look very good and is not easy to read.

    How do other LA’s capture this data? Is there a simple easy method I haven’t thought of?

    Any thoughts/suggestions welcomed.


    The only way to store the image at the time / date that you obtain the data is via a word document where you have cut and paste the image across. On the training for CIS, it is stated that you are NOT allowed to print the information as it is not a controlled document.

    Although, the way round it is to cut and paste into a word template that has Controlled document……date…..time as a header / footer?


    I asked the DWP this during a workshop and they seemed bemused as to why we should wish to retain a scanned image or record. Their answer was “well you can always go back in and check.” The seemed oblivious to the fact that awards could have been amended since the original check was done.

    Anyway, small rant over….we have opted for completing a form style doc directly onto DIP.


    The RAT was not a controlled document either. If you are just checking entitlement, then there isn’t a need to retain a copy. If, however, you are obtaining notification of initial entitlement, or any changes to entitlement, why can’t you print them and scan them into DiP? It’s no different to the RAT system, which by the same argument, you wouldn’t have been able to print either.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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