Do we still need to fill in a CIS enquiry form.

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    We’ve had a discussion this morning on whether we still need to complete a CIS enquiry form every time we access CIS.

    At present our procedures are that one needs to be completed every time.

    But quality control checks have highlighted that some assessors are forgetting to do so.

    Please can anyone let us know what your current procedures are and whether we are still obligated to complete an enquiry form everytime CIS is checked.


    Oh yes. Every single time. More to the point, why wouldn’t you record what you look up? If you look something up, you write it down.

    Speaking as a Secure Print Officer for CIS, I want an audit trail for every single account accessed so it can be justified when LAST come a knockin’.

    ‘Cos if access records, and then LAST1s and LAST2s, aren’t completed, how else do you work out what is going on?


    On checking the CIS training notes LAST 2 only has to be completed when there is a telephone call from customer, or they go into reception or for a keying error.
    Our procedures involve us completing a record of telephone call and if they come into customer care , a change in circs sheet is completed.

    This is then our audit trail. as we have the forms on our DIPS system indexed under the claim ref.


    We only do one where an officer has been asked to look up CIS by somebody else, rather than it being for their own use. This came up recently when a question arose as to whether the nominated test checker could have access to CIS. Anecdotally there was a view that they can’t but when I looked it up there is nothing prohibiting this so long as they don’t test check their own claims. It brought home to me how out of date all our knowledge of CIS is

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