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    We are in the process of implementing a document management system, but I have a concern that I am sure is simple to overcome, but I would be grateful for some advice and opinion.

    Currently if somebody brings documents into the office it is photocopied , stamped as certified and signed by the officer. My concern is how do we replicate this with the document management system?

    It would negate any efficiency gains if we were to have to photocopy the original document, stamp and sign it and then scan it.

    Does anybody know of a way round this such as annotating the scanned image? If so how does this lie with audit?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



    We are too hoping to go live with document managament soon.

    I am proposing a blanket policy that the scanning staff will ONLY scan on documents for which they have seen the original (thus negating the need for individual markings on each document).

    Any non-original document would be photocopied and marked as ‘not original’.


    We wrestled with this problem a few months ago, then decided to “stamp and scan”.
    The amount of offices that we have accepting documents on our behalf means that for us the procedure described by Leigh would not have worked well. 8)

    But if anyone has any wonderful answer to PSLamb’s question…….I’d love to hear it as well!! :15: 8)


    We have an SLA with our scanning room & Counters relating to original documents. All staff that will scan have been trained in document verification etc.

    As long as this is written into your SLA and you can demonstrate that the SLA is monitored and adhered to, then you can demonstrate that if its been scanned and there is no annotation or ‘original seen’ stamp, it was an original unaltered document.

    In cases where a document is not original or has been altered, these are still scanned, but an electronic note is clearly put on the image stating what has been altered or is unclear.

    In cases of suspected forged documents, these are not scanned but are brought to the department by hand for further investigation.

    Hope this helps


    As far as I recall, from where I have previously been involved in scanning, when we indexed scanned originals, the act of indexing the image to a reference meant that the officer doing it was declaring that the image was an original document. Because there is a record of who scanned and indexed any particular image there is an audit trail, and our auditors are happy. Indeed, I can’t recall BFI raising any objections when they inspected the process.

    We would only stamp documents that weren’t originals. Because we were VF compliant, we had to be happy that “un”originals were true copies and we stamped and signed them to that effect. Usually an “un”original document was a photocopy we had made of the original because it wouldn’t fit the scanner or it wouldn’t scan properly. Otherwise there isn’t really any reason to scan anything that isn’t an original document.

    Hope that makes sense, it’s Friday and I haven’t been to lunch yet.




    In our authority our VF stafF complete a little docket with exactly the same details you would find on stamp which is placed on the scanner at time original document scanned, I know workflow is meant to be paperless but this is the best way we got round it.


    I worked at the same authority as Darren and the BFI did comment on our procedures but not in the report. We introduced a laminated card which every officer who used the scanner was issued with. It had something like Original seen and the name of the officer printed on it. It was then signed by the officer and laminated. Every time an original was scanned this card was scanned as well.



    we at present scan and ref documents with in benefits but we are thinking of passing scanning to our admin team but keeping the referencing to us , does any one else do this please , any pros and cons , down side ?
    impact on service delivery etc
    thanks :party:

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