Does a self-employed A2 need to be registered

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    I can’t find the answer to this anywhere, so I wondered if anyone on here would be kind enough to help.

    Does an A2 (i.e. Bulgaria or Romania) national need to be registered on the worker authorisation scheme if they are a [b:b43eaf2fea]self[/b:b43eaf2fea]-employed (as opposed to employed) worker?

    I know that an A8 doesn’t have to if they are in this situation, but I can’t work out if the same rule applies to an A2.

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    They don’t have to get authorisation.

    If you look at Regs 5 and 6 of the [url=]Accession (Immigration and Worker Authorisation) Regs 2006[/url], you’ll see that:

    – the Regs only derogate from Article 39 of the Treaty and from Reg 1612/68, both of which are only concerned with workers
    – the Immigration (EEA) Regs 2006 are only modified in relation to workers

    Self employed A2 nationals are no different from any other self-employed European


    Thanks Peter.

    I wasn’t sure if the 2006 regs applied to A2s as they joined the EEA in 2007. I was getting confused as I thought there were some elusive post-2007 regs that I couldn’t find.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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