Does life exist north of Watford?

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    The Daily Mail today reports the first problems with the Pension Credit helpline. The funniest line is from a pensioner living in the Isle of Wight who was refused because the DWP apparently think the island is not in Britain.

    Camden’s “local” Pension Centres are in Glasgow and Dundee. Rather helpfully, the Town Hall is opposite St Pancras station with direct trains
    every hour to Scotland. What more could a person want?

    On a more serious note, has any LA organised contact points for appeals from those getting a savings credit (apart from telephone / intrnet?). If the PC makes a mistake or decides something the customer disputes, where does the customer go to, to make an appeal in writing? DWP targets are 90 days to deal with an appeal. If the customer is facing eviction, because the LA has been given the wrong information, what then?

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