DPTC and Disability premium

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    Julian Hobson

    DPTC customers used to get the DP (Sched 2 para 12(1)(i)) am I right in thinking that there is no equivelant under WTC and that those customers no longer get the premium, I can’t find any ammending regs/transitional protection.


    See the post below entitled Tax Credits and Disability Premiums by Russell Williams.
    If the claimant gets the disability element of WTC then they are entitled to DP and it should be shown on the award notice,however it is not shown on the proformas!!


    I have yet to see a Tax Credit award where it states that the disability element is in payment. Has any LA received notifications where it does confirm that the disability element is in payment?


    Tax Credit award notices make no mention of any elements at all. Presumably this will change when the IR get their act together. After all – how exactly does someone know whether to appeal if they can’t tell how their award has been calculated? However – we have seen some awards where a disability element is included. You can tell this because on page 3 of the award notice (where it says “[name] works **hrs per week”) it also says “is disabled”. This tells you that a disability element is included in the WTC award and that therefore the disability premium should apply in HB/CTB.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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