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    Hi there

    can someone clarify a query for me please?

    dual HB to be paid on a former address where the rental charge is £253.85pw, the LHA rate that was being paid was £143.84pw.

    can someone clarify if its the LHA rate used or the actual rental charge thats used in the calculation of entitlment for dual HB.

    Im on the understanding that its the eligible rental charge of £253.85pw and not the LHA rate, as this would mean the Claimant would be penalised on both addresses?

    Am I wrong? and can someone point me in the directions of regs etc which clarify ( i know Reg 7 but specifics please)

    a quick response would be appreciated.



    It’s LHA, but calculated separately for both addresses and aggregated. Or if one of the addresses is not subject to LHA, it’s LHA for one plus whatever the normal eligible rent calculation would be for the other – LRR, actual rent or whatever. The reference you want is in Reg 80[9] (working age version)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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