E- enabled Chief Exec’s Direction – examples needed

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    Having tried to make head or tail of the wording of the sample Chief Execs Direction on electronic claiming in A18/2006, the recent G18 2009 has confused me even more.

    Where the circular says [i:4755d20204]”[color=blue:4755d20204]The Direction should set out which areas of business the LA has e-enabled (claims, amendments or change notifications), and it should be made available to the public, for example on the LA website[/color:4755d20204]” [/i:4755d20204]I am unclear about how this fits into the CE Direction document.

    Can anyone enlighten me and can anyone send me copies of their own Direction document.

    Contact rebecca.dodd@merton.gov.uk


    Was looking for this myself this week and found this posting:


    Googled as directed and picked up a very useful direction from Rushmoor (thanks Rushmoor)

    Copy of mine based on that is in on its way.


    Thanks Phil – have picked up your email. We have got a semblance of a direction signed by the Chief Exec but still as clear as mud!!

    This will help greatly, thanks!!!


    we have e-enabled notification of cocs only so far and have no facility for on-line claim submission. Our e-direction is on our website


    i agree the circular(s) were absolutely abysmally written and it took me a while to get my head round what we were supposed to be doing. Adelphi advice was ‘do what you think is right’!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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