E-enablement of HB and CTB claims-Proposed Regulations

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    Chris Cook

    The HBand CTB (Amendment) Regulations 2006.
    The HB and CTB (Electronic Communications) (HB and CTB) Order 2006.
    Comments required by DWP by 1/10/06.

    The DWP proposes to enable HB & CTB claims and changes of circumstances notifications to be made by telephone or electronically, with or without a signature, through the above.

    I would be interested to hear peoples views on the above.
    It would seem that each LA can set up its own arrangements under the proposed legislation, vian an internal signed direction of the Chief Executive, to e-enable its HB administration.

    Just imagine potentially a further 408 ways of making electronic claims/electronic changes of circumstances, electronic notifications, electronic signatures/no signatures etc.
    This really aids simplification and understanding!

    I would be grateful for any views on this.
    Fors and againsts.
    Benefit managers jumping for joy 😀 fraud teams in despair :cry:?

    Chris Cook
    Senior Audit and Fraud Investigation Officer.

    Apologies this was entered on another topic in error.


    This would be the same DWP who have just wasted £161m on anew computer system to make benefits easier – and then deciding not to go ahead with it.

    Smile and take a deep breath 😀

    Sally Graham

    I’m all for changes that will make life easier and more simple!

    Where can I get a copy of the proposed regs?



    Only £141m, to be fair (according to the BBC website)

    Chris Cook


    My copy came off the LAIOG website (fraud investigators), maybe your investigators could obtain them (DMS part of LAIOG website).
    The details were in a letter from Matthew King Housing Benefit Strategy Division Adelphi.
    M a t t h e w. k i n g @ d w p . g s i . g o v . uk (no spaces)
    to Frank Newton LGA, dated 15/8/06.



    I think it is a good idea!

    I also think it is a very good (and brave) move to discontinue the IT project when it obviously was not working. If Local Authorities were as brave as the DWP with decisions like this we may have software that worked as promised.


    Bumping this thread up as I now have a copy of the order in front of me.

    What exactly do they mean by electronic communication? I have been accepting correspondence from claimants by e-mail for years – shouldn’t I have been? Admittedly if it is an intention to claim we would send out a paper form but if it was a report of a change in circumstances we would merely make any further enquiries we thought necessary. I thought this legislation was designed to enable web based forms to be used without the need for a signature but it seems I am wrong. What about mobile working technology where the claimant signs a computer tablet in their home. Is that not electronic? DWP have been handing out performance funding for this but never thought to mention that claims made on it are not legal!!

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