e-Gov G25 Single notification of a change of address

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    e-Gov priority G25 requires authorities to have facilities to support the single notification of a change of address.

    We are about to put a form on our website that customers fill in to tell us about a COA and one of the questions asks if they get HB/CTB. If they get benefit the details of the move will be put into our workflow. All we will get for the time being is the name, old address, new address and date of the move. We are working towards getting the customer to fill in a full change of address form for HB (we currently have a shortened form available for customers to report this).

    My concern is that until then we will have to then contact the customer to get them to complete a COA form.

    I wondered if other LAs have a similar problem and whether they count the date the form coming into their workflow as the date the the change is reported in writing for PI purposes.


    We do not currently have this in place councilwide however our mainfram system is Sx3. This does not allow for a change of address to be actioned without ending the benefit at one address, we then have to reopen it (on the same claim number) as a contunuation period.

    This method allows a decision to be made on the initial notification of a change of address and not to be penalised waiting for further information to come in, in this case a coa form, which could take weeks, be largely out of the LA’s control and therefore adversly affect c/c PI’s.

    Andy Thurman

    😯 Sorry Glayzell, but the whole nature of the coc PI is to capture the time it takes to deal with a coc – this includes the time taken requesting information & even the acquisition of a ROD – you say the method employed prevents the LA being “penalised” for the time “out of the LA’s control” but the controlling of evidence gathering is one of the LA’s challenges that the PI is designed to measure the success of! 👿
    Academy used to require the “cancellation” and “recommencement” of awards to process coa’s & staff in LA’s I’ve worked for have been trained to suppress statistics at the point of cancellation & only raise a coc stat once the change is completed (i.e. correct rate of benefit in payment at new address).

    Simon, in answer to your question – unless the MIS guide is updated to deal specifically with this, I would treat the online notification as you would a phone call giving the same info. The date notification of the change is rec’d in writing – i.e. usually your coa form, will be the start of the PI clock. In fact, until regs are changed re “e-notification” (or “intention to report a change rules” 😕 ), the clmt could fall foul of advantageous change rules if coc not reported in writing within the month. (I’d be inclined to say there were special circs if the clmt had completed an online notification but ‘neglected’ to duplicate that in writing until a date just outside of a month!)

    This does represent a potential to improve PIs but it is available to all LA’s!



    Thanks for your response. The MIS guide on the CoCircs PI mentions e-mail but not e-notifications and customers missing out on benefit because of falling foul of the ‘one-month’ advantageous change rule is a concern.

    I am also concerned about my CoCircs PI until such time as a customer is able to complete the full COA form online (even then, I am still going to have to contact the customer in some cases to get proof of the new rent charge). In the meantime we will have to fasttrack these ‘short’ notifications to our advice team to contact customers and assist in the completion of a COA form.

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