Easement dates

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    Following a read of the actual legislation I’m just checking that my interpretation is shared by other people!

    A non-dep moves into a property (on INCAP ben) and the deduction that would have been applied is deferred for 26 weeks.

    During this 26 week period the non-dep then starts working to a level meaning that the deduction moves up into the next band.

    From what date does the deduction now apply?

    Does the original deduction apply 26 weeks from the occupation date and then the higher deduction from 26 weeks from the change date?

    Or is there another scenario?


    The original deduction (and any other) is ignored for 26 weeks from the commencement of a non-dep charge.
    After 26 weeks the deduction that should be applied at that time is put in place, so in your case the working deduction would apply from that time. There is no further 26 weeks. 8)

    I think!!


    For what it’s worth I agree with Jon.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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