Effective date for pension scans

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    We have printed our first scan with the increases from November.
    The dates of the changes are not mainly, as I was expecting, 2.11.09, but are various dates eg 3.11.09 and 5.11.09.
    Can I just check what date everyone is actioning the changes from?
    ie 2.11.09 or 9.11.09?


    Where the pension credit changes on the 2.11.09 i am adjusting HB/CTB fron 2.11.09. Where pension credit changes at a later date i.e 3.11.09 and 5.11.09 i am adjusting HB/CTB from 9.11.09.

    Not forgetting the rules where CTB/HB will decrease.


    Where the claim is a Savings Credit only and the change increases HB/CTB it is eeffective from the Monday of the week the change occurs.

    Therefore a change on 05.11.09 is effective from 02.11.09

    Julian Hobson

    I haven’t really got my head around all the possibilities here but it looks like any of the combinations in regs 60 (2) to (5) might apply by virtue of 60(6).

    I remember seeing something that suggested there could be increases and decreases in savings credit because of the tariff income change. That will mean some are effective 02/11/09 and some later IF the ETD’s arrive after 02/11/09. Are you confident that you have received them all already.


    Thank you all!


    If HB goes up, effective 2 November. If HB goes down, effective 9 November. If you’re a Northgate site you have to fiddle the dates because everything defaults to the following Monday

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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