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    J Cox


    I’ve tried searching for this, but nothing showing up on my query. I think this may be a bit anal as well, so sorry if it is, but here goes…

    What is considered the change of circumstances on a Tax Credit award letter. Is it the date the payments first change, or is it the case that for every new payment it is a new change of circs. The reason for asking is that on a very small number of cases where a claim is reassessed back several months there are periods of Tax Credit changes that can be non-beneficial and then beneficial and then non-beneficial again. Bearing in mind beneficial/non-beneficial rules should these amendments be made in full or should only the non-beneficial ones be used? Underlying entitlement does not apply to allow you to use the beneficial ones to offset the overpayment, since the weeks they affect will always be different to the overpayment weeks. However, it seems incredibly harsh to make an overpayment for weeks or months then ignore a chunk because it’s beneficial and then make another overpayment for a more recent period.
    I hope this makes sense.

    My understanding is that you have to look at each change in the payments separately and so you may have to be harsh, but a) this isn’t fair and b) it gets complicated!

    So in summation, is the Tax Credit award itself the CoC, or is each individual payment change a CoC, and how therefore does it affect the above?

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