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    paul southam

    Can i check the correct [u:8b84803be3][b:8b84803be3]effective dates [/b:8b84803be3][/u:8b84803be3]for the following changes please? (no changes to liabilities).

    1. Ndep moves in to 70 year old’s claim 1/6/10. NDD applies. Is the effective date on the c/c calc 1/6/10, 5/6/10 or 6 months later when a deduction would apply, 30/11/10 (26 wks after change) or 6/12/10 (Monday following 26 wks after change)?

    2. Partner on a claim dies 22/7/10. Is effective date 22/7/10 or 26/7/10? Im sure its 26/7 but we cant agree here.

    Many thanks

    Andy Thurman

    1. The effective date would be 6.12.10 (although the deduction at that time would be based on non-dep’s income at that time). For clarity, if the ND prompted a ctax change, the increased ctax would be effective from the date the SPD is removed and a new LHA rate would apply from the Monday after they moved in.

    2. 26.7 for HB, 22.7 for CTB.

    paul southam

    thanks for this

    this is the date i always wanted it to be (6/12/10) but nobody agreed with me – can anyone confirm this would be the correct date to use in this case please?

    To back this up another scenario, if the claimant was 40 and a ndep moved in 1/7/10 that was 17, turned 18 on 20/7/10 and a ndep deduction then applied, would effective date be 26/7/10?



    When you say effective date, do you mean the actual date the change is effective from, or the date you are meant to input into Northgate when you calculate the change?

    Actually, I don’t really see why there would be any difference. If you look at how the non-dep delay reg works, it just suffles the change back six months. So its definitely the Monday.

    paul southam

    yep the date we put into northgate

    i also dont see the point, but its a principal now and need to find out the correct date to use


    [b:849c28d84d]The Housing Benefit (Persons who have attained the age for state pension credit) Regulations 2006 [/b:849c28d84d]

    [b:849c28d84d]Reg 59[/b:849c28d84d]

    (10) Paragraph (11) applies if—
    (a) the claimant or his partner has attained the age of 65; and
    (b) either—
    (i) a non-dependant took up residence in the claimant´s dwelling; or
    (ii) there has been a change of circumstances in respect of a non-dependant so that the amount of the deduction which falls to be made under regulation 55 (non-dependant deductions) increased.

    (11) [b:849c28d84d]Where this paragraph applies, the change of circumstances referred to in paragraph (10)(b) shall take effect from the effective date.[/b:849c28d84d]

    (12) [b:849c28d84d]In paragraph (11) but subject to paragraph (13), “the effective date” means—[/b:849c28d84d]
    (a) where more than one change of a kind referred to in paragraph (10)(b) relating to the same non-dependant has occurred since—
    (i) the date on which the claimant´s entitlement to housing benefit first began; or
    (ii) the date which was the last effective date in respect of such a change;
    whichever is the later, the date which falls 26 weeks after the date on which the first such change occurred;
    (b) where sub-paragraph (a) does not apply, [b:849c28d84d]the date which falls 26 weeks after the date on which the change referred to in paragraph (10)(b) occurred.[/b:849c28d84d]

    (13) [b:849c28d84d]If in any particular case the date determined under paragraph (12) is not the first day of the benefit week, the effective date in that case shall be the first day of the next benefit week to commence after the date determined under that paragraph. [/b:849c28d84d]

    So the ‘effective date’ is the day 26 weeks after the date of the actual change, unless it is not a Monday, in which case you go to the following Monday.


    Regarding your other example: the delay does not apply to a dependant or member of the claimant’s household who becomes a non-dep upon reaching their birthday. It would only apply if the 17 year old is already a non-dependant, so you will need to look into the definition of non-dep in Reg 3 and by extension the definition of young person in reg 19 and section 142 of the Act.

    paul southam

    Excellent, thank you very much for this

    paul southam

    For the Ndep deduction delay, not everyone is in agreement here still.

    Can anyone explain why the effective date is needed, what diff this makes?

    I still say the effective date should be at the 26 week point and need to back up why this matters.



    [quote:ed4a342b58]Can anyone explain why the effective date is needed, what diff this makes? [/quote:ed4a342b58]
    The effective date is the [b:ed4a342b58]date[/b:ed4a342b58] the change is [b:ed4a342b58]effective[/b:ed4a342b58] from.

    Are you asking why you need to load an effective date onto Northgate? That is a mystery – you’d think the system would be able to work out when a change in circs takes effect, wouldn’t you? But this applies to all changes calculated on Northgate. For some reason, when you calculate a change, you have to tell the computer when you think the change is going to take effect. I don’t know if this is for overpayment subsidy coding or performance monitoring. Maybe you should ask this question on the Northgate system forum?


    Here’s a thought – if you were loading a future rent increase what date would you chose as the effective date? It wouldn;t make much sense to use anything other than the date the rent increase is effective from, would it? 🙄

    chris harvey

    The effective date on Northgate is used for right time stats purposes. Change events are counted from the effective date where this is later than the date of the calculation.

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