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    At present when we have a change of address and a associated change if rent we process that change from the actual date of change even if the change happens midweek (stop me now if this part is wrong)

    Under LHA it seems that when a change of address occurs the new rate of LHA would be applied on the claim from the Monday following the date of change.

    How does this work in practise then under LHA

    For example rent = £60pw LHA = £80pw therefore HB award = £75pw

    Change of address and change of rent on a mid week date so the rent increases to £70 pw and the new LHA rate for the relevant month is £85pw

    Should we increase the HB award to £80pw from the midweek date and then £85pw from the Monday following?

    I think I may be over complicating things!


    my understanding is this;

    if the COA occurs midweek (eg Friday 14 November) and this changes their rate of LHA the new rate is effective from Monday 19 November. Their anniversary date is 14 November.

    This was guidance given buy Capita on a recent course I attended.


    A superseding decision for a change of address assessed under LHA rules is covered by the new Decision and Appeals Regulation 8 (15) This says it is effective from “the first day of the benefit week in which the determination … (of the change)…. was made”.

    However, Regulation 79 (2A) still states that a change of address “shall take effect on the day it actually happens” (subject to rules about overlaps and advantageous changes)

    Did Capita quote authority for their effective date?

    I agree with them about the anniversary date. That would be set 12 months from the date of the change of address under Reg 13D(12)

    Inga Mycroft

    Sorry to resurrect this but I want to be clear as I’m trying to get my head around LHA after being on maternity leave when it first came in.

    Claimant moves to new address mid week, eg Thursday 3rd September. From what date is the new LHA rate effective on the claim
    a) Monday 31st August
    b) Thursday 3rd September, or
    c) Monday 7th September.

    I’ve got myself confused because I keep thinking about two changes in one week which would normally be effective in different weeks are both effetcive from the earliest effective date of the two changes. So a rent change/change of address and an LHA change would be effective from the rent change date, ie mid week. Or are LHAs not covered by this rule?

    many thanks


    Andy Thurman

    Hi Inga,
    I think you are spot on – COA is effective from the date including that month’s LHA rate.

    Inga Mycroft

    Thanks Andy

    That seems logical to me but I can’t back it up in guidance or anything, plus our system (Northgate) is not picking up the new LHA rate until the following Monday, which is why I was doubting myself.

    Inga Mycroft


    Is anyone else on Northgate finidng this a problem or are we just not inputting correctly?



    Ozzies Mate
Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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