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    Martin Giles

    We are currently looking at trying to improve our customer service by introducing electronic claiming probably assisted but possibly customer self service. Can anyone advise as to their experiences in using such a form or any issues relating to their use.

    Would also be intersted in who’s form people are using and if there is anyone also considering moving this way. Would be interested to hear regarding possible joint procurement possibly !!

    All views would be welcome


    Not sure from your post if you just want an on-line claim form, or one that will load captured data direct into your processing system.

    We’ve been using an on-line form provided by Victoria Solutions for a number of years now

    This works well for us and a number of other North Yorkshire authorities and the product has evolved over time. We get an e-mail to say when a new claim has been received and then go in and download the form.

    Otherwise you might want to look at Team Netsol’s BECS Claims. They have provided our on-line calculator for several years and developed an electronic form off the back of it, which they’ve developed the interfaces for to download the info into a number of processing systems.

    They’ve always been very good on adapting the calculator for Regs changes – always ready and operational on the day of the change.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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